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        Sunway Group is one of the recognized leaders of Russian fresh produce market. Sunway provides the widest assortment of products from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Company’s activities include all the spheres of fruit and vegetables business, such as production, transportation, warehouse logistics and distribution of products on the Russian market.

        The mission of Sunway Group is to improve one’s health and increase life quality of Russian citizens.

We consider that each Russian, irrespective of the place of residence and level of income should have a chance to taste any fruit from most distant country. And what is more, not only to taste, but to make it a part of his ration.

Assuming that fresh fruits make people’s life more bright, raise vitality and improve health, we are doing out best to increase their availability. We believe that the improving of Russian consumers eating habits is deeply incorporated into the civilized development of the fresh fruit market and our activities make the significant contribution to this process.

Corner Stones of Sunway Group

    1. Assortment

        Among all the participants of the Russian fruits and vegetables market Sunway Group provides the widest range of products. Our assortment is the integral part of ration for each of those who aim at healthy life-style. Fruits and vegetables widely represented in the retail are just a part of what we offer. Company is also dealing with exotic fruits, which can please the taste of the most particular gourmets. Such an approach makes Sunway Group the indispensable player of national fruit market and valuable partner for the retail companies.

    2. Quality

        Qualified experts of Sunway Group thoroughly control each stage of technological cycle – from harvest to final sale of the goods to consumer. Successfully operating independent departments form the effective scheme of procurement, quality control, logistics and distribution. We use state-of-the-art technologies of transportation and storage of products, thus ensuring the highest quality of fruits and vegetables.

    3. Reputation

        Sunway Group has well deserved reputation of a reliable partner both in Russian and International markets. We care our reputation as a main value, which is easy to lose and almost impossible to regain. This merit attracts to Sunway Group new partners, allows long-term strategic planning and leads to the steady success in business.

    4. Team

        The team of Sunway Group has been formed in the course of more than ten years. Many managers have been working in the Company from the very beginning and accumulated the unique professional experience in the fruits and vegetables business. Today Sunway is managed by solid team, aimed at the achievement of strategic goals of the Company.

    5. Geography

        Today there are more than twenty countries where Sunway purchases fruits and vegetables. We also support local producers, broadening the cooperation with farms of Krasnodar, Novgorod and Leningrad regions. Cooperation with local growers allows us to deliver broad assortment of fresh produce on favorable basis, irrespectively of the season. Today, owing to well-developed Sunway’s distribution system, Russians in all parts of the country can always buy their favorite fruits and vegetables for the best price. Our efforts already introduced many new kinds and varieties of fruits and vegetables to the market and we are pleased to continue this satisfying job.


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