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History of the Company

        1993 – Establishment of company. Wholesale trade of local fruits and vegetables (Krasnodar Region, Moldova, Ukraine). First mixed deliveries of fruits and vegetables from Europe;

        1994 – Increase of the share of imported fruits and vegetables in Company’s activities. First contracts for direct shipments of citrus from Morocco;

        1995 – Beginning of South African direct shipments. First direct contracts for deliveries from Poland, Holland, and Egypt signed. Change of Company’s profile from wholesale operator to the importer.

        1996 – Launch of the South American program. First deliveries from Argentina, Chili and Uruguay. Import of vegetables is significantly increased, and the Company becomes leading supplier of vegetables to Russia. Introduction of “Sunway” brand name.

        1997 – Creation of own distribution network. New branches in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk are opened.

        1998 – First regular program for banana deliveries from Ecuador. The Company suffers severe financial losses due to the country’s default. Nevertheless, the Company continues working; debts fully restructured and settled. New branches are established in Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Surgut. Company becomes one of the leading importers on Russian fresh market and gets known as Sunway Group.

        1999 – “Equator” company’s assets acquired, which leads to the creation of new branches in Saint-Petersburg and Omsk. Branch in Nizhniy Novgorod is established.

        2000 – “Rusagro” company’s assets acquired, leading to the creation of branches in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod, which are specifically oriented to the service to the retail trade. The Company actively develops new trend of direct sales to food stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and retail chains. Representative office of Sunway Group is opened in Ecuador.

        2001 – New branches in Samara and Perm are opened. Extension of the clients’ base and distribution channels in Russian regions.

        2002 – Company develops its service division for the retail customers, which includes packing and direct deliveries to food stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and retail chains in major Russian cities.

        2003 – Establishment of “Sunway Beijing” company in China.

        2004 – Reorganization into the International Holding Sunway Group. Russagrif S.A. Fumigation Company and Russmar S.A. Port agency are opened in Ecuador.

        2004-2005 – A comprehensive work on reorganization of main business processes and functions in accordance of hierarchy of strategy goals and tasks of the company is carried out. Formation of optimal distribution network consisting of 9 branches and the regional sales department is completed. Branches in Saint-Petersburg (2), Moscow и Ekaterinburg are specializing in wholesale operations. Branches in Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Omsk and specialized branch in Saint-Petersburg are specializing in direct sales to the retail stores of different scale. Definite specialization of business activities attract buyers and optimize products distribution network.

        Purchase logistics is enhanced by opening a subsidiary company Imperia Fruit S.A. in Spain, which provides both necessary volumes of high quality fresh produce from the region and permanent presence of Sunway Group on world fresh produce markets.


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