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Procurement Structure

South America

Ecuador. Supplies from Ecuador are conducted by Sunway’s subsidiary – SWT Trader S.A., which is a registered exporter and member of Banana Exporters’ Association of Ecuador that carries our regular deliveries under long-term contracts with the leading producers of Ecuador. Russagrif Fumigation Company and Russmar Port Agency are subsidiaries of SWT Trader S.A. Recently initiated own production project will help to maintain steady supply of highest quality fruit to Russia.

Argentina. During the last 10 years Sunway Group imports wide assortment of fruits from Argentina and Chile on regular basis. Now the Company is developing a new purchase strategy in this important region.


Sunway Group is dealing with European producers almost since its establishment in 1993 and purchases products in more then ten countries of Europe. Vast geography of purchases is mostly due to the availability in Europe of almost the whole assortment of fruits and vegetables being supplied to Russia. Sunway Group firmly intends to develop its Spanish subsidiary Imperia Fruit S.A., which was opened in Barcelona in 2005. Establishment of branch mainly aims at providing the possibility of carrying the business «at site». Activity of Imperia Fruit S.A. in establishment of direct relations between producers, suppliers and distributors will strengthen Company’s positions in Europe.


China. “Sunway Beijing” Export Company, established in 2003 is dealing with deliveries from China. The main activity of the branch is to organize and combine the purchases from the leading and most reliable Chinese producers. Besides this, our branch is assisting the Company in prospective product search and development in South-Eastern Asia.

Turkey. Development of Turkish direction of purchases is related to the varied assortment of products and convenient location of the country in Asian region. Volumes delivered from Turkey remain stable high during past several years, due to the highly efficient transportation logistics and the unique experience gained by Sunway Group in a long period of successful cooperation on the Turkish market.


Sunway Group purchases fresh products in Africa for more than ten years. During this period the Company established trustful partnership relations with suppliers. Unique climate of several countries of the continent provides the exceptional assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Today Sunway Group sources fresh produce from Morocco, Egypt, Republic of South Africa and Namibia.



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