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Transportation logistics

Transportation logistics of Sunway Group includes three primary areas:

    Sea shipping
    Intercity and urban trucking
    Railroad freight

Sea Shipping

As the majority of the products are delivered by vessels, the optimization of overseas logistics is of our essential concern. The two first own reefer vessels purchased this year are commencing the own fleet acquisition program which includes 4-6 vessels more to be purchased till 2010. The additional shipping needs are covered by vessels operated under the time-charter, with very limited volumes placed to the spot chartered vessels. This allows to reduce transportation costs and to ensure its maximum effectiveness. Stable cargo flow places the Company as an important player on the freight market. The goods are delivered to the ports of Saint-Petersburg, as well as of Novorossiysk and Taganrog (Southern part of Russia).

Intercity and Urban Trucking

Road transportation is meant to ensure the company’s need for fast mixed assortment deliveries from Europe and distribution of overseas volumes to our regional branches. Successful cooperation of Sunway Group with major retail networks and outlets, along with the recently growing demand for the better service, provided to the retail, facilitates dynamic growth of urban transportation. Taking into consideration huge volumes the Company is currently operating, the decision was made to increase the own fleet of trucks, which currently counts 40 intercity MAN reefer trucks and 70 smaller urban trucks.

Railroad Freight

To the certain destinations and regional customers the products are delivered by railway from Saint-Petersburg and Novorossiysk. The goods are shipped directly from Sunway’s coldstores, which are equipped with all the machinery necessary for loading.




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