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Coldstores Logistics

Presently Sunway Group operates 40.000 sq.m. of warehouse facilities, 25.000 sq.m. of which are owned by the Company. The own ripening capacity for bananas equals to 170.000 boxes weekly.

All premises are fitted with modern refrigerating and ripening equipment with high-tech control units. Coldstores aimed at servicing the retail trade are equipped with state-of-the-art packing lines.

In 2006 Sunway Group will commence the construction of class “A” fruit coldstore terminal in Saint-Petersburg (Shushary settlement). The main objective of this project is to technically assure the mutually beneficial cooperation with retail outlets of all sizes. Total area of terminal is 12000 sq.m. with ripening capacity of 60.000 boxes.

The immediate plans of the Company include the construction of coldstore distribution terminals in Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Krasodar, as well as significant expansion of own warehouse capacity in Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod.



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