Its URI is:. See a description of this connection in the Class Hierarchy section, below. PoMS’s RDF data is a representation of the structured data model upon which PoMS’s database was created, and which in turn is based on the factoid model. Historians well understand that rather direct statements of the kinds represented might well overly simplify what might be a subtle and complex reality. The structure shown here is simplified in various respects from the one that was actually used in the Factoid Ontology itself and in PoMS. Even so, it represents something important about the structure of PoMS data, and you can see this overarching structure, incorporated into PoMS’s ontology, and thus shown in both the ontology’s class hierarchy and class relationship diagrams presented below.

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Taking the necessary measures to maintain employees’ safety, we continue to operate and accept samples for analysis. Refuse-derived fuels RDF are produced from municipal solid waste MSW that has been shredded then subsequently treated with pressurized steam in autoclaves. SRFs and RDFs can be derived from household, commercial, or industrial wastes and other combustible waste streams. On the other hand recyclable materials should not be excluded from SRFs because such an exclusion could lead to disposal of these materials and wastage of the resources embedded in them.

Conversion of waste into refuse-derived fuels or solid recovered fuels serves two purposes — it reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills thereby solving problems in the waste sector, and it provides alternative fuels for energy-intensive industries.

up-to-date: benefits from the Semantic Web Moreover, a DOAP description refers to a DOAP RDF Schema9 that provides an explicit and machine processable.

Recently it seemed like time for another update, particularly to relate RDF and the Semantic Web to the cutting edge of web development. We’ve republished the original in a new location and offer the following update. I’ll leave to you, dear reader, the task of deciding how well Joshua Tauberer has accomplished the task of updating a classic. On the Semantic Web SemWeb , computers do the browsing and searching, and querying, and The SemWeb enables computers to seek out knowledge distributed throughout the Web, mesh it, and then take action based on it.

Take an analogy: the current web is a decentralized platform for distributed presentations , while the SemWeb is a decentralized platform for distributed knowledge.

Architecture of Knowledge

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Skip to main content. It is a PAHP only program. Maternity services are provided FFS, not under b authority in the above excluded counties. After the initial enrollment choice period, members receive an annual enrollment choice period of 60 days. If an individual does not choose their plan prior to eligibility being determined, they are auto-enrolled in a health plan and given 30 days to choose a different plan. Under this model, providers of specialty and medical services will enter into new partnerships with each other and an experienced organization that will perform the administrative functions similar to insurance companies, such as claims processing, member enrollment, and grievances and appeals.

Example of an OA Entry in RDF. oaentry:date-attribution ; hico:​hasInterpretationType:zeri-preferred-dating ; hico:hasInterpretationCriterion.

Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully-managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets. SQL queries for highly connected data are complex and hard to tune for performance. Instead, with Amazon Neptune you can use open and popular graph query languages to execute powerful queries that are easy to write and perform well on connected data. The core of Neptune is a purpose-built, high-performance graph database engine optimized for storing billions of relationships and querying the graph with milliseconds latency.

You can use Neptune for graph use cases such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge graphs, drug discovery, and network security. Amazon Neptune is fully managed and handles the time-consuming tasks such as provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair. You pay a simple monthly charge for each Amazon Neptune database instance you use.

There are no upfront costs or long-term commitments required. The data is separated between the stacks, i. This is intended to allow you to experiment and see which one is the best fit for your application.

Expanding Expansions, Contracting Recessions

The DBpedia data set enables quite astonishing query answering possibilities against Wikipedia data. In terms of a Fair Use Policy, restrictions and limitations may apply for complex queries. Triple Pattern Fragments provide triple-pattern-based access to a dataset. This enables client-side querying of live data with high availability at low cost.

You can access the DBpedia dataset as Triple Pattern Fragments , and even perform federated querying over multiple datasets. Usage details can be found in the Virtuoso Facets Web Service documentation.

It is not the first time we introduce our work on mapping DataCite to RDF — as already discussed in a previous post on this blog. This is the sixth and final paper introducing the concepts of RDF and linked data, and explaining how these Semantic Web technologies can be used to publish library catalogue data. The purpose of this post is to provide a simple guide to help the uninitiated understand RDF documents written in Turtle. During a discussion with librarians towards the end of last year, I was asked why they should bother to publish their catalogues as open linked data, and how that might be done.

Semantic Publishing. Semantic publishing is the enhancement of scholarly publications by the use of modern web standards to improve interactivity, openness and usability, including the use of ontologies to encode rich semantics in the form of machine-readable RDF metadata. Skip to content. Home About. Mapping DataCite 3. Posted on March 1, by David Shotton.

Posted in Linked data , Metadata , Ontologies , Semantic Publishing Tagged bibliographic records , citation data , Journal articles , library catalogue , linked data , machine-readable metadata , ontologies , RDF , semantic publishing , standards 4 Comments. Posted in Linked data , Metadata , Ontologies , Semantic Publishing Tagged bibliographic records , citation data , Journal articles , library catalogue , linked data , machine-readable metadata , ontologies , RDF , semantic publishing , standards 3 Comments.

Posted in Linked data , Ontologies , Semantic Publishing Tagged linked data , machine-readable metadata , ontologies , RDF , semantic publishing , standards 6 Comments. Search for:.

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This document briefly describes the ontologies part of the version 1. The ontologies are organised in a network for modelling different kind of cultural properties and their corresponding catalog records. Use this document English version for the guide of the version 0.

‘date’, ‘creator’, and others, as well as the APMS specific- fields with prefixes, .. Owner of the Syriac Palimpsest.

Web pages are often filled with free form text, which is easy for humans to read but more difficult for computers to understand. Some web pages have information with greater structure that is easy to read, such as a page date embedded in the URL or title of the page, or machine-readable fields embedded in the HTML code. Google extracts a variety of structured data from web pages. This page describes the structured data types Google extracts that are available for use in Custom Snippets and Structured Search.

When you are reading a webpage that sells a DVD, you can quickly figure out what the title is, what reviewers thought of the film, and how they rated it. But a computer cannot do the same things, because it doesn’t understand how the information is structured. For example, if the page has content about the DVD—along with recommendations for other items, ads from other stores, and comments from customers—then the page might have different prices for various things, not just for the DVD that is being sold.

You can easily figure out the price for the DVD while dismissing the other prices, but the computer can’t. Some sophisticated programs might find the prices in the webpage, but they cannot determine the rules for finding just the price of the DVD.

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These data descriptors are used to distinguish and define the characteristics of knowledge resources in a specific domain. Using controlled vocabularies the resources can be queried, retrieved, analysed and linked to other relevant information objects. Patricia Harpring 1 introduced the following definition of controlled vocabulary CV :. It typically includes preferred and variant terms and has a defined scope or describes a specific domain.

There are many different types of controlled vocabularies, the most common among them are:.

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Cross Reference To Related Application 5 [] The present application claims the benefits, under Provisional Application Serial No. If a user wishes to locate information about a subject, the user enters keywords into a 0 search engine such as GOOGLE 1 ” 1 , which retrieves the. The information located in that way is static in that the searcher can only view it and cannot modify the information located. HTML has limited ability to add meaning 0 to the blocks of text on a page of a document, such as by adding metadata linked to the text, apart from including information on how the document is organized and its visual layout.

There has therefore been a need for a more intelligent way to organize and look for information on the Internet. Such attempts generally involve establishing systems of formally defined concepts called “ontologies”. Semantics and Ontologies have been in development for some time and there are many tools available to construct, edit and otherwise manipulate Semantic and Ontological data to create knowledge spaces and semantic inference.

What is needed therefore is a methodology for the average person to interact with Semantically organized Information in such as fashion that they would not require technical knowledge of Ontologies, or other technical Semantic topics. This technology is referred to herein as Visual RDF.

Refuse-derived fuel

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where SPARQL conjunctive queries are posed against RDF facts on which troduced in [4], the most expressive RDF fragment to date. Only a few RDF data.

Refuse-derived fuel RDF is a fuel produced from various types of waste such as municipal solid waste MSW , industrial waste or commercial waste. RDF consists largely of combustible components of such waste, as non recyclable plastics not including PVC , paper cardboard, labels, and other corrugated materials. These fractions are separated by different processing steps, such as screening, air classification, ballistic separation, separation of ferrous and non ferrous materials, glass, stones and other foreign materials and shredding into a uniform grain size, or also pelletized in order to produce a homogeneous material which can be used as substitute for fossil fuels in e.

RDF can be also further specified into e. There is no universal exact classification or specification which is used for such materials. Even legislative authorities have not yet established any exact guidelines on the type and composition of alternative fuels. These approaches which are initiated primarily by the producers of alternative fuels, follow a correct approach: Only through an exactly defined standardisation in the composition of such materials can both production and utilisation be uniform worldwide.

In the fifties of the last century tyres were used for the first time as refuse derived fuel in the cement industry. At that time the thought of cost reduction through replacement of fossil fuels was the priority as considerable competition pressure weighed down on the industry. Materials such as glass and metals are removed during the treatment processing since they are non-combustible.

The metal is removed using a magnet and the glass using mechanical screening. After that, an air knife is used to separate the light materials from the heavy ones.

XMLSchema2ShEx: Converting XML validation to RDF validation

Many thanks for the comments from Charles and Misha. I think we’ve got some complementary threads going on here: 1. The surface layer of expressing easy-to-understand boundaries for “dc:date” 2. The literal is out of bounds.

discusses the problem of comparing two RDF graphs, generating a set of. differences, and updating a graph from a set of differences.

Earlier today, Andrew Chamberlain on Twitter , observed that at the end of this month the current economic expansion in the U. The table is informative, but can we do something more graphical? Yes we can. I also fit a regression line through the points. What this shows is that while expansions blue have gotten longer over time, recessions red have gotten shorter over time. I often use recession shading on line plots, see here for handy R code.

But I also like to try more experimental visualizations, like these. The NBER page has an excel spreadsheet, but we can just do it manually. This code creates a simple data frame recessions. A recession period is between the Peak and Trough, while the expansion is dates between the trough and peak.

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